Building a Team that Builds Your Business

How would you like to take a vacation from your blog? A real vacation where you didn’t have to worry about posting, emails, payments, or making money. I take a few each year, thanks to my rockstar team at The Happy Housewife. A few years ago I realized something needed to change because I couldn’t […]

Five Ways to Stand Out in the Sponsored Campaign Business

I’m headed to Type A WDW this weekend and the theme of the conference is working with brands. I’m excited to attend because for the last year I’ve been working on the other side of brand/blogger relations. For years I’ve relied on sponsored campaigns as a steady revenue stream, but it has been eye-opening to […]

How I’m Saving Almost an Hour a Day with One Small Change

Last month I installed Rescue Time on my computer because I wanted to track exactly how I was spending my time. Time is something that everyone has the same amount of, but it is how we use it that determines our successes or failures. When I checked my Rescue Time reports I was spending a […]

Business Expense Ideas for the End of the Year

Are you looking for ways to invest in your business and to help with tax write-offs before the end of 2013? Jim Wang from Microblogger gives this advice, “This isn’t a specific idea but a mentality (might help you think of creative ideas that fit your biz, future plans, etc.), try to find investments you […]

Cash vs NonCash Compensation

Last week Erin and I [Toni] spoke at the 2013 Type A Conference on the topic of monetization. A lot has changed since I started blogging seven years ago, but one thing has remained fairly consistent. Many companies still consider gift cards and product reasonable compensation for work. We often talk about not working for […]

Get Off the Wheel

Have you ever seen a hamster in one of those wheels? No matter how fast or hard they run they never get anywhere. Have you ever felt like you were running on one of those wheels? This week I was walking from the ocean to my hotel after dark. It was a long walk across […]

Five Time Management Tips for Entreprenuers

Time is the great equalizer. Unlike money, resources, or connections we all have the same amount of time. It’s how you leverage your time that can set you apart from competitors and help you grow your business. Prioritize What needs to get done today, this hour, or in the next five minutes? Before you start […]

Help Wanted!

Position Available Hours: 10-14 a day/ 7 days a week Holidays: None Vacations: None for the first three years Benefits: None Travel: Conferences several times a year, all at your own expense Pay: Nothing for the first year, minimum wage after the first year Would you take this job? I wouldn’t, but many people have taken […]

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