Five Time Management Tips for Entreprenuers

Time is the great equalizer. Unlike money, resources, or connections we all have the same amount of time. It’s how you leverage your time that can set you apart from competitors and help you grow your business.


What needs to get done today, this hour, or in the next five minutes? Before you start your workday make a list of everything that needs to get done that day. Then prioritize that list based on deadlines and energy level.

High Energy/ Low Energy Tasks

A few months ago I heard this great time management tip from Jon Acuff. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Everyone has a period of time each day that they do their best work. Rank your list of tasks based on whether it is a high energy or low energy project. Maybe pinning or Facebook scheduling is low energy for you, so schedule that during the hours where you are less focused and productive. Schedule phone calls with clients or writing sessions during the time of day where you feel most energized and productive.


Tasks that you are not good at or do not like to do should be delegated to assistants or partners. If you focus on what energizes you and what you love you will get more done in less time. It is often the procrastinating and stressing over the things we don’t like to do that waste our time. Even if you can only afford to hire someone for an hour or two a week, give them the tasks that rob you of your productivity and energy.

Stay Focused

When you are working remove distractions. This could mean spending the morning in Starbucks or just closing all the tabs on your computer. The people I know who seem to accomplish more with less time are usually the ones who work on one task at a time. When you are constantly hopping from one task to another instead of completing a task and moving on you lose momentum and focus. Remove distractions and you’ll be shocked at how much you can get accomplished.

Say No

You can’t do it all, take every campaign, answer every email, or help everyone. When considering whether to accept a new project remember to make sure it aligns with your business or personal goals before saying yes. Give yourself permission to say no, walk away, or move forward without regrets. There are very few missed once in a lifetime opportunities. But lucrative opportunities are often missed or do not reach their fullest potential because of lack of resources or time.

Productive, successful leaders are usually great time managers (or have great time managers as assistants). Implementing these strategies can set your digital business up for success!

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  1. Toni –

    Thank you for this timely article – I have been struggling with time management and prioritizing what is important (instead of urgent).


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