Help Wanted!

Help Wanted?

Position Available

Hours: 10-14 a day/ 7 days a week

Holidays: None

Vacations: None for the first three years

Benefits: None

Travel: Conferences several times a year, all at your own expense

Pay: Nothing for the first year, minimum wage after the first year

Would you take this job? I wouldn’t, but many people have taken this position on their websites.

What is great about blogging is that when you start you don’t have to invest much capital, but you do have to invest a lot of time. The problem is that many bloggers don’t take breaks or analyze their needs even after they become successful.

If you feel like your blog could be described by the job application above it might be time to reconsider your business plan.

You do have a business plan, don’t you?  (If not, you’ll want check out our Coaching plans we offer to get you on your way!)

If you are working too many hours due to business growth or you can’t accomplish all the goals on your site by yourself, then it could be time to hire staff, in particular Virtual Assistants.  Many people don’t hire VAs because they are afraid to give up control, don’t know exactly what they need, or don’t know where to find someone.  If this is you, then we want to help!

Join us on Twitter for our weekly #DigiCoLab chat this Monday night (November 11) at 9 pm EST as we share strategies and resources for finding a virtual assistant.

photo credit: brizzle born and bred


  1. Vicky Harinski says


    I am curious to learn more.

  2. I read this and was so surprised! I thought how true it is… I lack a business plan. I’ve a “destination in mind” but it’s easy to veer off course and find yourself NOT where you wanted to go. I need to have an actual plan that way I can know for sure if I can make a detour or if this turn is heading down a one way street. Not a good idea. Thanks guys for the alert.


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