Value-Centered Conversion & The Domino Marketing Effect

A few months ago, I spoke at a local bloggers meetup. After my talk, I chatted with a few folks, including Karl Staib from Domino Connection. It was so refreshing to get to talk in person with someone who not only gets it…but who truly gets it. Someone who gets people, who gets your business, […]

Erin’s Q1 Income & Expenses

About 2 weeks ago, we had a revenue diversification video chat on Google+. About 3 minutes before the video started, I decided that I would share actual numbers from February’s income and expense sheet. I also promised to spell it all out for everyone in a blog post…so here goes! (Putting it all out there […]

Five Ways to Stand Out in the Sponsored Campaign Business

I’m headed to Type A WDW this weekend and the theme of the conference is working with brands. I’m excited to attend because for the last year I’ve been working on the other side of brand/blogger relations. For years I’ve relied on sponsored campaigns as a steady revenue stream, but it has been eye-opening to […]

Earning Online through Affiliate Marketing

What are you passionate about? I’m sure there is a product or brand that wants you to advertise for them…and get paid to do it! This may be in the form of standard ads, or through affiliate marketing, which is what we are discussing in detail today. Before you get into affiliate marketing, I always […]

Cash vs NonCash Compensation

Last week Erin and I [Toni] spoke at the 2013 Type A Conference on the topic of monetization. A lot has changed since I started blogging seven years ago, but one thing has remained fairly consistent. Many companies still consider gift cards and product reasonable compensation for work. We often talk about not working for […]

Consulting and Working with Brands

Do you have ideas that would create value for a business? Do you have expertise in an industry that would be valuable to a company in some way? What are you doing to offer that expertise to brands? Maybe some people get emails and requests left and right for these types of opportunities, but I […]

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