Value-Centered Conversion & The Domino Marketing Effect


A few months ago, I spoke at a local bloggers meetup. After my talk, I chatted with a few folks, including Karl Staib from Domino Connection. It was so refreshing to get to talk in person with someone who not only gets it…but who truly gets it. Someone who gets people, who gets your business, who understands your goals…and who wants to help you improve your system, so you can have more conversion and more income.

That person is Karl.

We both discovered that we would be in Portland at World Domination Summit and we literally bumped into each other at the opening party. We hung out throughout the weekend, then I came home and digested his analysis of $5 Dinners. And read his proposal. And did a little happy dance.

Someone who gets it, and someone who wants me to succeed. And someone who can help, can crunch the numbers, can do all the A/B testing…for me. {Deep sigh of relief.}

He recorded our interview (listen here) and I wanted to recommend getting in touch with him if you are selling digital products and looking to improve your conversion rates!

In the interview you’ll learn:

  • How to find your tribe to help you grow.
  • Networking that comes easy and is fun to do.
  • Why giving is so important to networking.
  • Why asking is so important to growing your business.
  • Know how to phrase your outreach so it doesn’t seem like a pitch.

If you’re interested in working with Karl, you can find out more about what he does at Domino Connection!

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