Consulting and Working with Brands

Do you have ideas that would create value for a business? Do you have expertise in an industry that would be valuable to a company in some way? What are you doing to offer that expertise to brands?

Maybe some people get emails and requests left and right for these types of opportunities, but I don’t. I have received consulting opportunities because I emailed various contacts, even the CEO of companies, and shared my idea in a generic form. That led into phone meetings which turned into me being hired.

Before I go into all the happy feel good stuff, I want to share some reality in considering work as a consultant. Many companies don’t know what they don’t know. They may not see a need for your ideas or experience if there isn’t a case presented for why it can be of value to them.  You have to sell yourself.

Think about what those skills are that you could offer a brand. Consider the brands that you are especially passionate about that could benefit from your skill-set. Make a list and get to work.

I also want to note that I do think there tremendous value in having an existing relationship with brands whom you work with. However, sometimes it doesn’t happen that way. As I said before, take the initiative to make it happen for yourself. Find the contacts and get to work.

Risk or fear of “what if” is less scary when you take look at things as an experiment and and opportunity to learn. You may not get hired every time, but even those “we’re not interested” discussions are extremely valuable. I can guarantee one thing: you will never know what will happen if you don’t try. 

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