Suggestions for Onboarding Site Contributors

In the hangout this week we talked about hiring Virtual Assistants (VA’s). If you’re considering adding contributors, or want to think about how to work with your current team better, it is a good chat to watch. In the discussion we talked about forms that your VA should complete. I personally have my entire team […]

Ways to Personally *Connect* With Your Audience

Soon after creating my site, I began to teach workshops helping people save more money.  It never fails that on the day of the event I have a thousand other things to do. Whether it’s work, the kids’ activities or just daily chores that need done. I always think there is something more important to […]

Considering Rebranding? Discover the “Why” First

Over the years, I have shared with so many people the process I used for rebranding Mommy Snacks to what is now known as Savings Lifestyle. While the process that was most important was the technical (like changing a site name without losing the google juice or adsense cpm) the “How” and “Discovery” pieces were […]

Create Forms and More with Gravity Forms

I have forgotten how many times I have recommended Gravity Forms over the years. Whenever someone requests a solution for contact forms, guest posts and mailing media kits and other information from a website, Gravity Forms is always my recommendation. The first unique form I created was for my Best Savings Tips campaign. When users submit […]

Forecasting for Your Business

Looking at the past and making a game plan for the future. Use that experience to forecast what may happen in the new year. While there are several variables that can impact the forecast in both the positive and the negative, having a plan either way will help you respond. In my experience, businesses who […]

Earning Online through Affiliate Marketing

What are you passionate about? I’m sure there is a product or brand that wants you to advertise for them…and get paid to do it! This may be in the form of standard ads, or through affiliate marketing, which is what we are discussing in detail today. Before you get into affiliate marketing, I always […]

It’s Not About Creating More Content

The following is from Digital CoLab partner, Colin of Time to Get Awesome. There is a special at the end, so don’t miss it! Three years ago I found myself working daily on a website I had started with a friend. It made some money, but I knew it could be doing a whole lot […]

Content Marketing Plan

When you have written several years worth of content, it gets challenging to write a new spin on something that you’ve done time and time again. You don’t want to appear out of touch because you aren’t writing that same content and repeating yourself. However, you need a way to remind your audience that there […]

What are you dominating?

Last weekend, I made the trek west to Portland to attend the World Domination Summit. I left with many amazing new friendships and some good takeaways from the daily talks. Each year, WDS has a secret theme that all of their speakers try to touch on in some capacity. This year’s theme was “Live your […]

Blow Sponsored Campaigns Out of the Water

So you get an email. For a sponsored campaign. Great pay, great timing, great product. You get all the work done for it, take the photos, schedule it out on your blog. It posts, it auto-tweets. Maybe even auto-FBs the link. You pin the photo. You move on. But did you knock the socks off […]

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