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I have forgotten how many times I have recommended Gravity Forms over the years. Whenever someone requests a solution for contact forms, guest posts and mailing media kits and other information from a website, Gravity Forms is always my recommendation.

The first unique form I created was for my Best Savings Tips campaign. When users submit their information on the form, you can direct them to another page on your site or provide certain text they can see. This is a great way to keep them on your site finding new and great things!

Another nice feature with the submission is that you can reply to each person and share additional information. It’s sort of like an auto-responder but it is all done within Gravity Forms. For this campaign, each submission also received a free eBook. Setting up the form to do this was so simple and each person to share a tip received the eBook without a hitch!

Each tip submitted was also an automatic prize entry into a weekly prize and a grand prize on the end of the campaign.  This was easy to administer with Gravity Forms since each entry is numbered. You can clearly see the numbers associated to each submission to select a winner easily.

The real beauty in using Gravity Forms over other form plugin is that you can have a submission go directly into a post draft. I had several hundred tips submitted which were published on the site. Rather than copying and pasting their submission into a post, this setting helped me save a lot of time. All I had to do was edit and publish. I also use this for any guest post submissions as well.

I can’t possibly do this plugin justice with the time-saving capabilities and slick features. Visit Gravity Forms today to see more demos and purchase the plugin yourself. It proved to be a huge time-saving tool for my Best Savings Tips campaign!

Disclaimer: This post contains a link to an affiliate.

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