Blow Sponsored Campaigns Out of the Water

So you get an email. For a sponsored campaign. Great pay, great timing, great product. You get all the work done for it, take the photos, schedule it out on your blog.

It posts, it auto-tweets. Maybe even auto-FBs the link. You pin the photo.

You move on.

But did you knock the socks off the promotion? Did you work hard to impress the company who is partnering with you for the post? Will they want to work with you again?

It’s not about the numbers, or the reach, or the comments, or the entries. It’s about your effort, and the muscle you threw behind the campaign. They see it, clear as day.

It’s not about doing the bare minimum per your contract or engagement agreement, it’s about working hard with the company and brand to impress them. Because you want them to consider you for future campaigns, yes? You want to work with them again, yes?

Then blow them out of the water.

Recently, I started adding “Post Promotions” to my google calendar to remind myself about the campaign (that I likely scheduled at least a week or two ago!), so that I can ensure maximum exposure and personalization behind the social media promotion. Perhaps I took a photo with my iphone and I want to drop it on Instagram the night the post goes live. Perhaps there are a series of photos on my phone that I can add into a diptic image as a “how to” and drop on my FB page. Or maybe it’s planning a “pin-spree” of your post for maximum exposure on Pinterest.

Try it with your next campaign and watch as you impress the brand…and get asked to work with them again!

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