Get Off the Wheel

Hamster wheel

Have you ever seen a hamster in one of those wheels? No matter how fast or hard they run they never get anywhere. Have you ever felt like you were running on one of those wheels?

This week I was walking from the ocean to my hotel after dark. It was a long walk across a large sandy field. I was walking head down responding to emails and texts on my phone. After walking for a while I looked up and realized I had veered severely to the right. I had made very little forward progress and was almost walking in a giant circle.

This reminded me of a common problem many of us face in our businesses. How many times are we running full speed, working hard, with our head down? I do this frequently.

The problem is, when we fail to look forward we make very little progress and often times go in the entirely wrong direction. Working hard is important, but if we don’t stop and look forward to consider how what we are doing aligns with our long term goals we are not going to get anywhere!

Remember to regularly compare how your daily tasks fit with your long term plan. If not, you might be working hard without making any progress.

Don’t have long term goals? Stop what you are doing and take a day or two to map out some basic goals. Without them you’ll end up like that hamster on the wheel, running fast and hard, but not making any forward progress.

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photo credit: sualk61

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