Business Expense Ideas for the End of the Year


Are you looking for ways to invest in your business and to help with tax write-offs before the end of 2013?

Jim Wang from Microblogger gives this advice, “This isn’t a specific idea but a mentality (might help you think of creative ideas that fit your biz, future plans, etc.), try to find investments you can make that increase the value of the business. It’s essentially turning that ordinary income into long term capital gains. Maybe it’s advertising to build up your list or training or something along those lines. You can always buy more tech and equipment as a last resort.”

Here are some expense ideas to help you spend wisely.

How are you investing in your business as 2013 comes to a close?



  1. Great ideas. I am a big proponent of getting in my expenses at year end. Just got my printer inks, coaching and advertising in order.

    I think a lot of entrepreneurs or self employed small business miss out on these opportunities.

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