How I’m Saving Almost an Hour a Day with One Small Change

Last month I installed Rescue Time on my computer because I wanted to track exactly how I was spending my time. Time is something that everyone has the same amount of, but it is how we use it that determines our successes or failures. When I checked my Rescue Time reports I was spending a […]

Considering Rebranding? Discover the “Why” First

Over the years, I have shared with so many people the process I used for rebranding Mommy Snacks to what is now known as Savings Lifestyle. While the process that was most important was the technical (like changing a site name without losing the google juice or adsense cpm) the “How” and “Discovery” pieces were […]

How to Host a Google Hangout On Air

Recently, I’ve found myself hosting a number of Google HOA’s…including our weekly Digital CoLab chats. Because there is not a great tutorial or information on how to set them up. I thought I’d put together a walk through. HOAs – For What? How to Series Interviews with Guest Expert (similar to podcast) Interviews with Readers […]

Create Forms and More with Gravity Forms

I have forgotten how many times I have recommended Gravity Forms over the years. Whenever someone requests a solution for contact forms, guest posts and mailing media kits and other information from a website, Gravity Forms is always my recommendation. The first unique form I created was for my Best Savings Tips campaign. When users submit […]

How I Sailed Through a 1 Million Pageview “Viral Post” Weekend with WP Engine

  I have but one question for you. Could your host handle one of your posts going viral? Or would your site crash and those numbers would be a fraction of what they could have been? Also, I have another question. How in THE world did this happen to my post?  The second question is…I […]

Business Expense Ideas for the End of the Year

Are you looking for ways to invest in your business and to help with tax write-offs before the end of 2013? Jim Wang from Microblogger gives this advice, “This isn’t a specific idea but a mentality (might help you think of creative ideas that fit your biz, future plans, etc.), try to find investments you […]

Digital CoLab Event Schedule

If you are putting off grabbing a ticket to the Digital CoLab Event in sunny San Diego, don’t delay any longer! Our goal is to bring you incredible speakers, small group sessions, labs, one on one mentoring, and of course the best Karaoke this side of the Atlantic Ocean!  Our schedule looks like: (Click on […]

Forecasting for Your Business

Looking at the past and making a game plan for the future. Use that experience to forecast what may happen in the new year. While there are several variables that can impact the forecast in both the positive and the negative, having a plan either way will help you respond. In my experience, businesses who […]

Distracted Living

Two weeks ago, I was sitting in the San Antonio airport waiting for a flight out for a business trip. I found myself thumbing through Facebook and the “my child almost drowned because I’m too distracted” headline practically jumped out of the phone. I clicked through to the post on Scary Mommy and proceeded to […]

Earning Online through Affiliate Marketing

What are you passionate about? I’m sure there is a product or brand that wants you to advertise for them…and get paid to do it! This may be in the form of standard ads, or through affiliate marketing, which is what we are discussing in detail today. Before you get into affiliate marketing, I always […]

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