How to Host a Google Hangout On Air

Recently, I’ve found myself hosting a number of Google HOA’s…including our weekly Digital CoLab chats. Because there is not a great tutorial or information on how to set them up. I thought I’d put together a walk through.

HOAs – For What?

  • How to Series
  • Interviews with Guest Expert (similar to podcast)
  • Interviews with Readers
  • Cooking Demos
  • Craft Demos
  • Live Tutorials

HOAs – Why?

  • Get great video content
  • Monetize your video content
  • Build your credibility and authority through videos

HOAs – How to Set Up

There are several ways to set up a Google Hangout on Air. I recommend setting them up in advance through your YouTube page, as readers and viewers and more comfortable watching the chat or video live on YouTube. I also recommend setting up and event’s page where people can RSVP – AND WATCH – from the G+ event page. This walk through will share how to set one up. Also note, you must have 100 subscribers for your account to be enabled for live streaming.

1. Login to YouTube.

(Connect your G+ page with your YouTube page, if need be. Go to your advanced account settings and follow the steps to connect your page to your YT.)

2. Click on Video Manager. Underneath, click on Live Events.


(If you don’t see live events, you will need to enable live events and streaming in the Advanced Features on your Settings page. It will text you a verification code to get this enabled.)

3. From the Live Events page, click on New Event and fill in all the fields, including name, time, description, etc. Save and the click on the title of the video and copy/paste the URL onto your clipboard.

4. Head on over to your G+ page and set up an event for the same time, set your event as public, add description, etc. Invite any guests or circles in particular that you’d like to receive a personal invite via email.

To Connect the YouTube link to the Event’s page so that your video will show live from your events page, follow these steps: 

1. Copy the YouTube URL.

2. From the event page, click Edit Event.

3. Click on Event Options and select Advanced, then Show More Options.

4. Several cells will appear, include a box for YouTube URL. Paste the URL in that box and click Save.

Don’t forget to share the event page and encourage people to RSVP!

HOAs – Start the Broadcast

When it’s time for your broadcast to begin. Head on over to the live event’s page and click “Start Hangout on Air” – Invite guests or experts by clicking on the little person above to add them to the live video chat. Hit “Start Broadcast” and go live!

This is your chance to showcase your expertise in a fun and live way…and in the end, you get great content for users and views to learn and grow! 

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