Pinterest’s New Guided Search & What It Means for Bloggers

Take a moment to watch. It’s a rather moving video.

Then think for a few minutes about what it means, and how Pinterest will change as a result of this new feature. How will guided search impact blogs and small business owners online?

I was challenged this past weekend by Stacy of Kids Stuff World, during her presentation at our local bloggers event, BlogItSA. She is a power pinner and has her finger on the pulse of Pinterest, has been given opportunities to beta test new features, and insights into up and coming features for users. She has a keen sense of Pinterest and I trust her when she predicts that guided search will change the way users behave on Pinterest, and we can expect to see a much slower rate of follower growth as user behavior changes.

While many users use Pinterest as a search engine (I know I’ve used it that way since my first month using it, back in 2011!), it seems that number of users who search and bounce will continue to grow, especially with this new feature. The potential for higher bounce rates within Pinterest, will in turn lead to higher and higher bounce rates on blogs as well. Or will it?

Learn more about Guided Search on Pinterest’s blog.

How are you using Pinterest today for your business? Will guided search really affect user behavior that much? Will it change the way you pin your content onto Pinterest?

This is certainly a new feature that many people are excited about, and others more leery. Would love to know your thoughts!

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on guided search. It will be interesting to see how that all plays out and if “SEO” and algorithms starts to invade our pins and strategy there.

  2. It looks like as bloggers, we are going to be looking for ways to figure out more algorithms. Now only if we can really crack down on all the social media algorithms.

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