Online Business Checklist

As we head into Q2 of 2014 (where is the time going y’all?!), it’s time to take a few minutes to look back at our goals for Q1 and make updates and new goals for Q2, as well as think about other projects or content campaigns for later in the year and start making plans for those now.

The best way to do this without getting overwhelmed is to work through a checklist so you can focus on what’s important that day, that week and that month. Seeing the big picture will help you decide on what tasks need to get accomplished on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis.


Below is a basic checklist for your small online business:


1. Write/Update your Business Plan.

  • Revise Marketing Plan
  • Complete a SWOT Analysis
    Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, Threats
  • Staffing Plan (if applicable)

2. Income Forecast

  • Review prior year income.
  • Identify new income stream(s).

3. Forecast Expenses and Taxes

  • Review prior year expenses.
  • Identify additional expenses for new year.
  • Set reminders for quarterly tax payments: January 15, April 15, June 15, September 15.

4. Create ‘SMART’ Goals for each quarter.

6. Professional Development and Networking

  • Identify blogging events to attend and cost or sponsorship strategy. ie Digital CoLab’s 2014 Event!
  • Identify Local Social Media Club or Blogger meetings and place on calendar.
  • Attend Small Business Workshop in your area.


1. Accounting

  • Pay quarterly taxes.

2. Analyze & Review Revenue Sources

  • Optimize those channels that have high performance.
  • Improve or eliminate poor performance.
  • Create an action plan with weekly goals to optimize and improve performance.

3. Forecast Income and Expenses

  • Will expenses exceed tax estimate? If needed, make adjustments to quarterly tax payments.

4. Mastermind Group Meeting

  • Discuss new ideas or developments.
  • Hold one another accountable.

5. Content Marketing Plan

  • Make adjustments to optimize traffic growth & engagement.
  • List potential marketing channels.


1. Monitor and Adjust Quarterly Goals

2. Accounting

  • Reconcile bank statements and update the books.

3. Quarterly Tax Payment

  • Set aside 27-28% of monthly income to pay when due.

4. Staff and Team Communication

  • Communicate with team on urgent matters, upcoming work matters.
  • Verify timely submission and payment of invoices.
  • Discuss marketing plan changes.
  • Discuss affiliate performance.


1. Set up weekly goals at the start of each week.

2. Daily Tasks

  • List top objectives for week.
  • Ensure all tasks are related to goals.
  • Email management.

3.  Accounting

  • Submit invoices due.

4. Legal/Admin

  • Sign contracts and documents.

What other areas of small business growth and development do you do on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis?

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