@Chitika & #digicolab Twitter Party | Monday, 9/30 at 9 pm EST


We are thrilled to partner with Chitika for the first ever Digital CoLab Twitter party! On Monday night, we’ll be chatting with the team at @Chitika for a full hour…talking all things website and mobile ads and how to optimize and earn more revenue.

Join us at 9 pm EST/6 pm EST over on the #DigiCoLab hashtag on Twitter!

We’ve got 2 $50 Amazon gift cards to give away…and a $100 Amazon gift card to give away at the end of the party!!!

Here’s a little more about Chitika…

If you’ve ever monetized your website or blog with Display ads or Google AdSense text ads, we invite you to try Chitika. When Chitika ads are used in conjunction with other types of ads, most blogs can increase their revenue 15% on average. This sort of passive income allows you to spend more time on more important tasks yet average blogs earn about enough to cover a car payment every month.

This year we celebrated a decade of work improving the way our ads are targeted to visitors without the use of cookies. We’ve learned to interpret the intent of a visitor based on what they typed into a search engine to find your blog post but more importantly we have gotten really good at predicting whether or not that user may potentially click on your ad. As you probably are aware, some ads pay your when they are shown, others when they are clicked and still others when a visitor buys something. If you follow the Chitika tips and techniques, the ads on your site will interact with your visitors so much they’ll think they are clicking on relevant content. That’s our contribution to the industry and our commitment to you.

If you haven’t signed up with Chitika, now is the time to get another revenue stream flowing!

Sign up here!

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