Chris Klongpayabal

Chris Klongpayabal has a passion for graphic design and website programming.  He’s been working in this industry over 14 years after earning a useless albeit fun degree in Theatre from Texas A&M Commerce. was established in 2011 after discovering the need for quality and knowledgeable designers and programmers in the blogging niche.  Chris finds great joy in teaching others how WordPress works and that the average blogger doesn’t have to be scared of “breaking their site!”

Chris is the father of two amazing kids who are following in dad’s footsteps by learning how to code their own websites.  When he’s not working for clients, you can find him playing the guitar, juggling, performing card magic, or watching movies!  Test him on any movie quote or 80′s hair band.  His wife, Jenn, declares him a true Renaissance man which also factors into why she balances the checkbook.

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