Amee Cantagallo

Amee has been an entrepreneur since birth. She found out if you ask for what you want the worst thing that someone can say is “No.” It is her drive to seek knowledge and problem solve that have led her to success in both private and public start-ups. She has helped create two schools and launch a mobile application company. She currently believes you can monetize all of your vices. She has been paid to read books, watch football, buy high-end designer clothes, eat cupcakes, go to the gym and admire her husband while he cleans.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Education, and she teaches technology once a week to K-8 students. When she isn’t a dance mom, soccer mom, cook, baker, photo taker, and real advice giver. She is running her five websites, providing small business consultations, and coming up with her next strategy to get paid doing what she loves. She is a mom of two boys and a diva. She is married to a Reginal Sales Manager, who she swears she can outsell and they currently reside in the countryside of Virginia.

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