Small Business Coaching #2

Do you have a plan for your business, or are you waiting around for that “big break”?

While you could sit there and twiddle your fingers waiting for your lucky moment, you could also kick your business into high gear and make that “big break” just happen!

It can be very difficult to identify and prioritize what and where you need to be focusing on your business to take it to where you want it to go.

Maybe it is time for your business to seek the services of a small business coach? Do you need someone looking from the outside in to help you prioritize and plan for this next month? Or this next quarter and year?

Small business owners and web entrepreneurs often find themselves juggling many different balls – from content marketing to PR to article writing or sourcing to publicity – leaving them with very little time to be the leader of the business. The day-to-day tasks often distract from the high level and big picture work that must be done to keep your business growing and expanding.

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Our goal is not to help you “on your business” but to help you “in your business,” so that you can continue to see growth and increased revenue that you’re looking for. Here’s what the individualized coaching plan offers:

  • Analysis of Initial Questionnaire
  • 30 Minute “Pick Your Brain Session”
  • Creation of Personalized Action Item List
  • 30 Minute Follow Up Brainstorm
  • One Follow Up Email & Check-In

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The process is simple. Let us know that you need help, and we’ll get started. We will send you the Initial Questionnaire, along with a Business Plan template and Revenue Stream Strategy & Tracking spreadsheet, targeted specifically at web entrepreneurs and small business owners. Once you have filled those out, your assigned coach will get on the phone and have a 30 minute “pick our brain” session. From there, your coach will create a specific action item list based on your current needs, goals and business plan. After a couple of weeks, we will schedule a follow up phone call and brainstorm, which will be followed up with an email to check in our your progress on your goals and action item list. All correspondence and information provided on questionnaires is kept confidential.

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We want to help you hone your skills, stay focused on your goals.We want to help you brainstorm that new marketing campaign for a new product launch, or content curation campaign for existing content developed in the past by your small business or website.

Many people think that business coaching is for those struggling with their businesses, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Smart business owners know that for every dollar invested in business coaching, they’ll see a $5-$7 return on that investment.

What’s holding you back from seeking guidance and help in growing your business? Are you ready to see that return on investment?

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And if you are interested in just a one time 30 minute brainstorm session, we have that available as well. We also offer a more in-depth look at your business with monthly brainstorms and strategy sessions.

“I have to tell you– that tip you gave me, it is genius. I went to the Haven DIY conference the week after BlogHer, and I used your tip, and I made connections with bloggers and sponsors in ways that I don’t think I ever would have if I hadn’t reached out to people the way you had recommended. I think it’s changed the way I do business, and as a result, I’ve gotten new leads and work! WOO HOO! Thank you, thank you, thank you!” ~Serena Appiah, Thrift Diving

“She is a business coaching rock star! With her years of corporate and internet experience, she has a knack for matching your business with the right tools to help you maximize your profit. She gave me creative and practical ideas that I could implement immediately to reach my business goals.” ~Kimberlee Stokes, The Peaceful Mom

“She is an entrepreneurial machine. Whether big picture strategy or practical implementation advice, she’s got the network and the know-how to make it happen. She offered up a tip a few years ago that helped us grow our Facebook fans 30% in one day!” – Jason Leake, business manager and co-owner at 100 Days of Real Food

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